Funniest Fails Of The Week! 😂

Funniest Fails Of The Week! 😂

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1:26 ball so hard… that shit cray

hy all I’m from bandung

1:06 – How does that count as a fail? That’s a hurricane/storm or whatever.

@05:34 Hyena just off camera.

5:17 Yo, someone call CPS that kid is in danger because his parents are lacking.

3:54 didn’t see that one coming

Stop muting the videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life is HARD for people who don’t understand physics.

5:17 This kid is trouble, but at least the little maniac had the good sense to try to unplug the Santa (and the tree..)

1:27 It took me a couple of viewings to realize he’d placed a very intense grill too close under a plastic backstop for his basketball hoop. I suspect the netting was also plastic, nylon specifically.

How is a natural disaster a funny fail? It’s tragic and people get seriously hurt and even die. Not funny.