Funniest Fails Of The Week

Funniest Fails Of The Week

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Dä andr mitm BMX hät gad dä halb Film gfült… nöchsch Wuche abr nümm, kay?!

I thought 1st guy was John Cena 😂😂

Enough with the kid on the yellow bike! 🙄

People lifting weights, the dumbest lot on Earth!

4:50 Yes, the white car messed up, but don’t tell me the hit wasn’t intentional. There was plenty time to just stop.

8:35 i thought, that she had a big bugger, she wasnt aware of….

Why no music at the end? First music on the intro disappeared and now at the end. Without it feels like any other fail channel. Please bring back intro and outro again.

0:37 Fails + ASMR

Maybe, if you used both hands. 11:13

This video is the cure for my adulting blues. Thanks for the laugh!