Funniest Fails Of The Week

Funniest Fails Of The Week

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8:40 “Well…!” 💀💀 I guess we’re partying HARD tonight!

Trop drôle

😮 i don’t laugh when someone fall

0:05 is hurt

Bro I don’t want to see that bike guy anymore. I get it

I’m glad that the guy at the mailbox didn’t get hit, but I sure hope he went to see if the drivers were okay, and not just walk back into his house to read the mail 😅

5 times of yellow BMX. Is he your friend?

The second one was very good 😂😂. No wonder why people are afraid of ladders. Especially such high ones


My answer videos are on my channel!

This episode should be called dude on a yellow bike. 😂