Funniest Fails Of The Week! FailArmy

Funniest Fails Of The Week! FailArmy

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Yeah, sure, why not pull some random lever in a helipcopter mid-flight. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen? Oh, it could kill us? Who would have thought…

Dediu Robert
4:39 :)))))

Darth Malgus
brett needed to honk the horn sooner

Raging Sky
4:38 OMG that Cats ribs cracked like nothing RIP😢

Nokke Mao
yeah… scold the dog… that’ll teach him… 3:19

Steven Slater
I liked the segment where the dog walked across the hardwood floor to throw up on the white throw rug. Hey dummy, that’s a throw rug, not a THROW-UP RUG!!
We had a cat that did that, too. But cats are sociopaths anyway. She lived to be 26. Not even close to the world record…

Luis Martinez
Paddington getting in his car hilarious

Daniele Pauletto

Joshua Mayes
😀😀I cried with laughter at the car crash and a sheep in a bucket. You should do Sheep Fails next week, FailArmy. I love you. You guys rock and roll.

Joshua Mayes
I liked the whole Beep Beep I’m A Sheep