Funniest Fails Of The Week! FailArmy

Funniest Fails Of The Week! FailArmy

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Yeah, sure, why not pull some random lever in a helipcopter mid-flight. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen? Oh, it could kill us? Who would have thought…

This was an “almost everyone was harmed” video. Some may have gotten away with minor bumps or scratches, maybe just some soreness, but some of these people had to of been more seriously hurt. Especially that car crashing into a house

Christy Griffin
Some of those are not funny at all.

Anna Blatch
Hope that cat was ok

Omg The Cow Had Me Dying 😂😂

The worst part of the raining wedding video was the dude with the man bun

Федір ГАнєєв

No humans were harmed in this upload, unfortunately, a snake was smashed with a shovel and a cat is now paralysed. 😂

Neill Stephenson
Granny watching her grandkids in the pool, brilliant. Puts her phone in the slide as part of her rescue response, see it join her grandkid in the pool. Mum knows how chuffing inept she is and demolishes the house to respond as well.