FUNNIEST Girl Fails Of The Year!

FUNNIEST Girl Fails Of The Year!

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Short Fuse
all those skin tight elastic pants wedged 2 inches deep in their twats must be cutting off the circulation to their brain

The lady with the medicine ball. Did she think it was going to bounce when she threw it at the wall?? 🙄

The Human Voice Box
I can tell that’s Resident Evil 7 even with the blurry screen

Der Lümel

4:25 she teleported👀

Diane Mariani
The Biden club

Ollie marin
Does anyone know the clip from 8:29 I need the whole thing 😭😭

HAH! Women… Am I right guys?

Linen Gray
Just go with the flow 2:25

You Buggin
5:17 The kid in the background cracking up after seeing what happened to the girl. Got me cackling 🤣

Steph MacCormick
Are there more stupid people or just more cameras?