FUNNIEST Gym & Workout Fails Compilation

FUNNIEST Gym & Workout Fails Compilation

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Let me guess, physics isn’t rubber band guys strong suit.

Don’t throw sand at the poor lizard :((( you’re the one not aware of your surroundings, not him……….he’s VERY aware.

This video had me in tears lol 🤣
But I want everyone to remember that gym accidents can be fatal. Equipment that is not used properly or not secured well enough can be very dangerous. People can get hurt from using equipment in a way that they are not supposed to be. Gym accidents are not that common, but remember to be safe out there guys!

8:43 women ☕

9:23 Why do so many people try these weird new exercises

That trainer trying to explain resistance bands with a straight face, while the big man is jiggling around behind him…I can’t stop laughing!


Honestly, the videos of people weightlifting WITHOUT A SPOTTER are the literal definition of moronic behavior.

It’s incredible to see how many guys flat-out refuse to use clamps… Funny, and the need some men feel to flex their muscles, trying to lift more weight than they realistically can.

That woman at 8:44 has something seriously wrong with her. Who just stands there and laughs while your friend is screaming for help, gasping for air, while being crushed under all that weight? She just half-assed, nonchalantly went about lifting it off her, all the while cackling like a maniac. I dont care if she was a close friend or a family member, if that had been me, that relationship would have ended right there.

If this was the funniest im never going to workout