Funniest Unexpected Fails Compilation

Funniest Unexpected Fails Compilation

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2:48 This is a pedophile! LOL

I don’t understand the one with a man washing his can under the rain. It’s obviously a great way to wash your car…

Some of these outcomes were…uh…not UN-expected.

This scream got me 😂

I like trying to guess what the fail will be before it happens

12:30 Thats the “Bundespolizei” like your Federal Police…Sad but true

The balloons popping out the trunk in the first clip is gold. Also, of COURSE it’s Vaughn lmfao what a dump.

Aw the little football players

What in the world happened to the table?!?! 2:39

Tbf I’ve hand washed my car in the rain 🤷‍♂️

good videos