Funniest Unexpected Fails Compilation

Funniest Unexpected Fails Compilation

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@ 7:20 – the smoking lawnmower. he likely tilted it to fix a problem under the mow deck and got oil in the fuel system, and the smoke is from that and will stop after a few minutes

10.53 Turn your A/C on full blast using outside air during a car wash. Play stupid games, get stupid prizes.

7:27 that would be me lol

Yeah, FailArmy, recycling is a nice thing, but not on videos…

2:21 – I don’t want to be in his shoes…

“Bring a trash can quick!” *CRASH* “You can cancel that order”

my grandmother watched this when she was young..

5:10 guy starts clubbing that bird for stealing the dudes fish lol…

6:39 totally grabbed her boobs first!

Thanks for preventing me from knowing alcohol exists.

0:30 balls hitting balls