Get Low! Fails Of The Week

Get Low! Fails Of The Week

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3:40 I love the way when dogs witnesses a person wiping out, they get all excited and run over like, “Hey what are you doing? You’re lying on the ground! Why are you lying on the ground? Do you need help? Is it fun? Let’s play!”

2:20 good job turning an accidental small mess into a deliberate huge mess.

the clip at the 1:05 mark is my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. I travel that exact stretch of road every weekday coming home from work

Nice video ))


It’s fascinating how much more gravity there is on and around porches. 😂

That toolbox guy!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣

He had a truly memorable shopping trip.

PEOPLE, before it gets cold, put kitty Litter on the steps to stop falls. Come on it’s not rocket science!

amazed at how many morons don’t know how to install a pull up bar … or use one for that matter

6:38 wow so cute and then after he asks if she is ok, you win 😇