Going The Distance! Fails Of The Week

Going The Distance! Fails Of The Week

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With all the clips in this FailArmy,…….I was NOT expecting that last one!! LOL

Hahah when she spit on the beta male wearing a mask with a ukraine flag pin. Hahhaahhaha God works in mysterious ways.

Many blessings to you💞 ✌🥰

That’s no prank, thats just being a douchebag.

2:46 no I don’t think that was Jesus.

Humans proving time after time that gravity is still working at full strength.

If people invested in handrails, there would be so many fewer fail clips!

Santa is fcuked once bigman j rolls up on his bearded ass

6:00 two examples in a row that some people just shouldn’t be parents 🤦 poor kid…

I’m guessing Justin saw a positive pregnancy test and Steve is a terrible friend.

That bus ran over that basketball had me dead XD Sounds like a gunshot.