Have An Ice Day | Fails Of The Week

Have An Ice Day | Fails Of The Week

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7:08 😭

Pixel Whisper
Can we outlaw people saying “I gOt ThAt On ViDeO!!!111”

Literally everyone says it, but none of us give a s**t, no one cares, we don’t need to hear you say that.

Yeah, we all saw you recording, what tf else were you gonna do while recording a video? Huh? No s**t.

funny vedio
nice job you are best

The horse was a win, not a fail. He got there in style.

John Andersen
And the near-Darwin award goes to……

Ram TigerJaguar
The girl who discovered the oddly deflating wall next to her hooks has more problems than she thinks…Look carefully, and you’ll notice the idiot mounted the hooks wrong – vertically. Who hangs clothes the way she’s got it? And I’m not sure I want to laugh at the deer falling into the river repeatedly…we all know they can drown just like we can, right?…They were more than likely terrified and not enjoying themselves…maybe even eventually going on to their deaths.

CFC thegreatesttherecanbe
Why do people tie their dogs to objects that can move with them if they decide to run 🙄

Stacy Silverman
How have you guys still not realized that you need to turn the volume of the bleeps down? It’s so obnoxious trying to watch this and getting an ear-splitting bleep every few seconds. If you insist on not allowing swear words, just mute the volume when they happen or bleep them at like 20% of the volume that you’re currently using.


Siren Knight
This episode should be named “life lessons -advanced level”
@4:19 if you’re ever faced with water just running into your home or business out of your control, you can try this: (turn off the water first, if you don’t know where every water shutoff is, learn now) … remove your toilet, which is usually a 4” drain and usually into the city sewer. (So long as the sewers aren’t flooded too.) it will take time, but at least you shouldn’t have standing water for very long. Broom it towards the hole, then deal with the rest when it stops. This will reduce the amount of damage since remediation can’t begin until the water stops running in and the first thing is getting up all the water… ,yes I’ve had more than one basement flood for various reasons.

To the girl with forced “air”sound from the wall, I hope that wasn’t what it sounded like. Though I can’t figure out why it would be there unless there was a second floor gas fireplace.
Ice, it’s thinner and more slippery than you think. (Smart mom? Can’t walk on it, but I’m sure the roads are fine…)
Also felt a little bad for the guy with the sinking snowmobile, that’s a pricy fail.
Oh and never ever do risky cuts or dyes to any thing for the first time without a 24hr fail window, unless it’s your plan to be viral on fail army. 😊 though as others noted, there are ways to abate that somewhat until it fades.