Have An Ice Day | Fails Of The Week

Have An Ice Day | Fails Of The Week

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Haha! This reminds me of how Ann Frank Diary was written with a ball point pen which didn’t exist then the other writer sued dad since it is all made up and WON in court! Such a big fail for that scammer

6:51 says “Сука, там градусник, бл…” 🤣🤣🤣

Harald Schmidt
Fucking beep for fuck and shit. But subtitles for laughter. How stupid is that? You never learn.

Pineapple Stickers
Oh hey look, more videos of people slipping down the stairs. Thats still funny

Dhananjay S
Stupidity Gone Wrong..✔💯

Colonel Flagg
That horse did not fail.

Jax Lexus
@6:10 mans a legend just stayed calm and slowly slid down.

Bastian Bastian
French cars… so good!👌😂

4:10 three types of animal, cruelty, inbreeding, neglect, stupidity… People like that need to be treated like animals

1:40 when parkour does you

William Stuart
Last one.
Dye made by Brothers Marx