Have An Ice Day | Fails Of The Week

Have An Ice Day | Fails Of The Week

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Mateusz K.
07:08 you call manager, and then smoke a cigarette, for relax ofc

Ghe Gho
The simps asking people “are you ok” for the slightest thing are the worst.

Xavier McDonald
at 2:33 in the video the dog attacks the girl’s bun

Why the fuck was that basketball net oriented out into the damn street? Are people really that fucking careless?

The Snail
Last lady looks like she is going to get angry at some pigs

Jager Wayz
Chick at the end looks like jack black

Too icy to stand up to walk to the car, but not nearly icy enough to stay home. I really don’t get it.

Marek Markowski
Bingo 3 Feb-16 Sep
Ice Day 12 Dec-31 Dec, 1 Jan-18 Mar

Lubomir Genov
And the never ending war of man vs frozen stairs continues

John Debest
Fail Army – inspired people to over 2,700 injuries and counting.