He Ate It! Fails Of The Week

He Ate It! Fails Of The Week

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Elian xavier Ramirez
Mario:the control is on! Luigi/Mario’s brother:yeah! Let’s-a-go!

Elian xavier Ramirez
Peach:no one can beat me! Mimi:mimimimimimimi!(grunts) Petey the large piraña plant:mooooooooooore food!

Éva Nemes
5:21 – BEST! 😀

Townsville Phoenix
3:34 remember that Mr. Bean scene?

Lyle Waller
“that come fast”

Proud Transphobe
doesn’t get much dumber than when a woman says “My wife” how fckn stupid 7:13

coco mo
😂😂😂 I would’ve been mad as hell if my wife asked me what i was doing, while I’m fighting for life under a grill!!!!!!

Why don’t you just make me go faster even yet. Words of wisdom.

Avinash Bhogun
3:39 😂😂

Some of those people ended up with poop on their face.