He Ate It! Fails Of The Week

He Ate It! Fails Of The Week

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The dog rolling around in the sh1t was best one imho

We watched ot in school for pepole laugh bht i was the only one not laughing bc that sad

Why on earth are people making pizza in an oven without either a baking sheet or pizza pan. Especially those frozen ones, they will fall right through the rack.🤦‍♀

Bro, how are people scared of small rodents, I don’t get it.

Real Name
Dude in the white truck was drunk as h*ll….what an idiot.

1:54 Keep tapping after he says ow. You’re welcome 🤣🤣🤣

MG 44
@2:18- Why the Hell was that lady feeding her baby to the camel? -People are so irresponsible! CAMELS HAVE BIG TEETH DUMMY

Laura Saul
I can’t fault the girl spitting/throwing up the oyster. Those things are gnarly nasty slimy and I thank God I developed an allergy to all shellfish shortly after trying one (seriously, shellfish and iodine both cause me to stop breathing in an anaphylactic shock). The guy in the white truck is DAMN lucky, probably more lucky than he realized.

Her wife

Psalm 3713
@7:18 Ma’am, you don’t have a wife. Men have wives. Have a great day

Ohhhhhh, you gud😂😂😂