He Dropped the Ring! Fails of the Week | FailArmy

He Dropped the Ring! Fails of the Week | FailArmy

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Hermen van Laar
What that woman really wanted to know was: What do I do???

Paul Legge
So many narcissists, so little time.

5:30 is my recurring nightmare. Literally every time I show up at a party, I’m afraid I’m there on the wrong day, or at the wrong time, or even the wrong address (even at friends’ homes I’ve known for years). Just last night I waited outside the NYE party I went to for 20 minutes cuz I wasn’t sure the lights were on in my friend’s house- I’d forgotten they have blackout curtains for her migraines- and I didn’t go in until another friend arrived. >_<

The Goob
2:40 the better question is how the heck did it get there?

The 7th Wanderer
” What do I Do ? ”
You need to get Tom ?

Dan Hugeis
Happy New Year ?

Vong Kavin
My favorite funny video fails????

Did the guy breaking into the lake on his bike survive? In any case that’s not a fail anymore but life threatening danger.

Bạn làm video khiến tôi không thể rời mắt khỏi video hay quá đi

2022:I don’t know how to use a microwave so i’ll make a video of my failure and tell the whole planet how i suck at life.