Hilarious CCTV Fails Of 2022 | FailArmy

Hilarious CCTV Fails Of 2022 | FailArmy

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I’m sorry. But who the duck set up the death trap? A trampoline right next to a bunch of sharp wooden stakes.

That one last guy is freaking Neo!

Jesus Arreola
Sometimes neurons loose their path and cause humans to malfunction

My father always says that some people either got their drivers license for free with cornflakes or by driving between two pyramids in Egypt. That definitely seems to be true for some of the people in this video.

Виктор Даниленков
Тупая бабища с пилой топчик!

3:15 I felt sorry for that guy. He clearly has some issues.

FoxMulderFbi Ufo
Lol that’s a fun way to start the day in the first clip 😭 man just woke up didn’t even have his coffee and baby Jesus took him right out of his slippers 😔 r.i.p

Megan Mose
Does anybody know who to open a garage doors?

8:55 😢

Ginger Ninjer
Those shoes in the first clip have never seen more adventure in their short shoes lives than literally LAUNCHING off that guys feet into the Stratosphere…..