Humans Being Idiots | Epic Funny Fails Compilation

Humans Being Idiots | Epic Funny Fails Compilation

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What is the timestamp on your fave fail?!??! and why is it not back it up Terry?!?!?! 😀

Sarah Barton
Why did she stick her head in the tailpipe/muffler/exhaust pipe.??

Tony Valdez
Mumans beign idiots:Showing Americans mostly:):)
Really great selection i must say….

Zloy Perdak
7:46 Lucky Unlucky

Tim Sacks
I like how at 3:43 the video briefly turns into a Karen compilation.

Michael Espinosa
0:36 I like how everyone just continues on like, ugh Timmy fell again…

Conservative Christian
Now I’m starting to understand how a stupid thing like OBiden got elected president.

4:21 soo sweet 😭

I hope the girl said yes on the plane.
Poor guy… Not how he planned it I’m sure.

Михаил Проноза
11:07 Это я, когда очередной бесплатный ВПН на телефон просто залагивает его в смерть.

funny vedio
nice job bro