I Get Knocked Down! Fails Of The Week

I Get Knocked Down! Fails Of The Week

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Pink Lion Gaming
1:29 No seriously what was your plan? Also the way she peeks out from under it for a split second is so perfect lol

Pink Lion Gaming
0:48 I can’t stop watching the way his other leg swings around so fast lol

Pink Lion Gaming
0:46 The fact that he managed to catch himself somewhat is impressive

Brandon Krystynak
I like seeing peoples food get ruined when they take pictures of it.

@2:10 You know blue cities have to bolt an object to the ground after they’ve made it look like an actual tree….it’ll never be an actual tree.

‘Get baking soda’! Or, like, water?

HB Sea
Girl heard baking soda one time and never looked back

1:59 IS NOT O.K.! ;-(

5:17 GET BAKING SODA??!!!! for fire? wtf she is on about?

6:42 ?

Devin Anderson
jesus christ some of these need trigger warnings.