I Hate My Family | Best Family Fails

I Hate My Family | Best Family Fails

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Marian Mauritz
Nice Video

Jennifer Lutz

Kevin Guns

Tiffany Smith
6:48 idk how this a fail, I 100% agree 😂

Actually, that move @ 0:25 was worth filming. The kid just wanted attention. The camera counted, so Kiddo turned it off like a *pro!* Mom, take comfort in this. Your kid’s got a career in acting!!

Burn Out
6:48 Aaaand now she’s dead to her kids

Robert Palmer
1:00. Douchebag.

Santosh P.S.S.
I’ve been noticing more and more carnism in these videos. WTF. Dead animals?

2:12: Mother: I want another giirl, i want another gir, i want aother girl!! I want to name her Stella! I want another Girl! Definetly name her Stella S-T-E-L-L-A-! Ohhh i am pregnant…I want tto have another girl, because i love them and love the name Stella!
Nurse: Congratulöation, its a BOY!
Mother:…… STELLvis….? STELLone? STELLAsvegas? STELLAn ….ok! Take it!
What a fuckt up name for a boy…FAIL! 🙂

10:26 did baby really say “them apples”?!