I Just Bought That | Expensive Technology Fails Compilation

I Just Bought That | Expensive Technology Fails Compilation

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Stian Sæther
I don’t think I’ve ever laughed at a drone-fail… “Oh, no! My drone hit a treetop! So funny!” *irony*

Leave it to FailArmy to start including staged videos as “fails.”

Keep up the good work ?

Greenlight Studios
Man I’ve seen 99% of these clips before.

lol, these video’s made my day 🙂 thank you failarmy!

Petit Thom
The dude falling in the water at the beginning looks soooo staged

Troy E.
These videos just get passed around from channel to channel.

Epic12 Luis
The start of the video: when i fall off of bed

Left Lane Cruiser

Jonathan Peterson
I recently met a man who lost his RIGHT EYE BALL getting hit by a deflected gold ball. So standing behind someone while hitting through trees is really dangerous

Ebenezer B. Scrooge-Grinch
The golf club on the monitor, she’s lucky that weren’t me. I’d give her to the count of 10 to run then I’d do the same to her! The smack cam girl and the prick in the swimming pool!

Luke cowan
?????????????????????????????????????????? i love the fails so much