Idiots Around Europe | Funny Fails Compilation

Idiots Around Europe | Funny Fails Compilation

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1:20 the scream had me rolling for minutes 😂

5:28 I think that was a Nazi tree trying to take out those Russians.

Why so many English-speakers in non English-speaking countries?

It’s hilarious how alot of this is just the English being idiots in other European countries 😅

Spain without the S

Та нахуй лєніна!😂

10:16… They lassies sound proper Dutch, don’t they?

0:17 that really hurts

1:10 Hungarian narration: ay ay it’s a bit too early for this. I’ve said it’s too early for this.

So is skiing the only thing to do in Austria?

Wonder why so many clips are in English instead of the home country? Staged mostly?