Idiots at the Wheel | Epic Wrecks & Crashes!

Idiots at the Wheel | Epic Wrecks & Crashes!

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Ant Dowd
I love this movie.

Hr. L. Bolle
despite me being from Germany, means I sit on the other side of the Cab, the side that is hitting the bike.
I can tell that the Driver did not have “a snowballs chance in Hell” of seeing the Biker as he was completely behind the A-Pillar, had the biker made a huge NOISE, like a Rev-Bomb with horn blaring, the Driver might have been able to correct in Time.

Karter Silva
4:41 She be walking by like nothing happened 😭

Хочу в Америку!!!😭

I do learn some things from these videos……WHAT NOT TO DO! LOL
I also love those smartasses with the nice new $$ cars showing off, then damaging them! Daddy’s going to be upset!!! LOL

2;14 The only thing i got offended by is the speed of the wiper for that amount of rain.

James Rieth
What event is at 3:39 cuz it looks fun

Christopher Morin
0:46 and that is why tires need to be more than an inch wide.

Chill kid
2:46 look how that fallen cyclist tries to make another one fall by pushing his cycle towards the right but fails

4:00 Legend has it the truck is still rolling to this day.

tf was that last one????