Idiots In The Kitchen! Funny Food Fails

Idiots In The Kitchen! Funny Food Fails

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disco mug
81 fails

LG Aveyron45
Les erreurs, les chutes, les maladresses, etc. Ok. Mais les gens qui jouent avec la nourriture, ce n’est vraiment pas un exemple à montrer.

Dr. Shadox
just cover it Stupid -_-

Dr. Shadox
some unlucky , a lot of stupid

Omprakash Lek
Open DailyArmy

I mean this with all the love in the world.. white people please upgrade your food. A little spice would greatly improve your diet.

Zackery Lamb
😂😂😂 my sister when she cooks😂😂😂😂😂

Carolyn Marie Gates
The waste of food in these clips is incredible

Q-Plush Toons
The guys wobbly wavey voice got me cracking up! 2:33

A random tatortot
6:09 why did they stab the grasshopper with the bug instead of chucking it.. 😑 they just wasted a fork and the food if bug juice got on the other food after the stab