Idiots on Boats – EXPENSIVE Fails | FailArmy

Idiots on Boats – EXPENSIVE Fails | FailArmy

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316lvm noneofyourbusiness
I live in Minnesota – land of a 10,000 lakes and more than 10,000 idiot sticks in all manner of water craft.
Haven’t been on the water in 20 years. My son has stopped kayaking……all because of idiots. It’s not safe nor fun anymore.

13:48 Dude’s swimming like an Olympic athlete!

James Kearney
Thank you Shark 🦈🦈🦈🦈

Obed McCalip
I don’t get how people continually try and hold on and try and stop a runaway boat. They waiting for their superpowers to kick in? Nothing you can do. Just watch and enjoy the moment.

Gets a 2 ton pole on his head, – are you allright?

Jay Pazole
Oh how do i love watching stupid rich people wreck their toy’s. Remember kids eat the rich

leah vincent

The fact that two huge container ships went head to head at that speed is just dumb.
Whoever was driving that GORGEOUS blue mega yacht meeds their teeth kicked in for hurting that craftsmanship.
The poor guy on the forklift…talk about a bad day…lol.

Freedom Plz
7:10 “Where kids at ?” yeah good question after half boat is sinked…..