Idiots on Boats – EXPENSIVE Fails | FailArmy

Idiots on Boats – EXPENSIVE Fails | FailArmy

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Sunny Joe Landry
That was a good one

0:53 powered by VW

I get a weird sick pleasure watching $50+ million dollar yachts crash. Simply because no one needs a boat like that. Eric Smidt the owner of Harbor Freight has a 350 million dollar yacht and a second $50 million dollar “support yacht” that carries his helicopter, jet skis, and a dive center or and helicopter repair center. Its also where they put all the boat staff just so he doesn’t have to share the big boat with the poors all the time. Thats literally just 1 example of dozens. No one needs to own a super yacht.

John Johansen
“Oh my God”
Lots of Americans in this video!

Carlos Manan
There are so many ships at the sea as there’s so many shit at the sea!!!

“You okay bro?”
“Yuh Bud”

1000% Canadian

Bridget Kielas-Fecyk
I wonder how many idiots were completely DRUNK when they did what they did with their boats, and how many were the water-equivalent of “road-raging”?

It amazing me that some of these people have like a $50k boat …… but don’t realize that they shouldn’t park in covered parking ………

That one submarine should be in this video.

I don’t get why these people act all surprised? Boats, ships, etc…. crash all the time same as cars!! 🙄

Lucas Berger
The front of the boat at 7:00 reads The Nut House…they should have none.