Idiots On Wheels! Try Not To Laugh

Idiots On Wheels! Try Not To Laugh

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Yashen Raveesha
Watching these made me feel grateful that I made it home safe in my car

not you
These are the same people who have kids they cant educate or take care of.

not you
This is why the aliens just over over us. We are galactic entertainment. No way they want to be friends with such a dumb species

not you
The curriculum for driver training is obviously perfect

Is there a way to get rid of the horrible British accent?…May be do a voiceover or something….it ruins the video.

Adam K.
The last one is an absolute idiot for vandalizing others’ cars.

Rajesh R
0.14 KSRTC 😮

F You Censorship
I guarantee at least half of these actual car collisions / accidents happened because people are too busy looking at their phones and not the roads.

16:00 People with a negative iq!

0:13 pity but also… Would have granted him…