Idiots On Wheels! Try Not To Laugh

Idiots On Wheels! Try Not To Laugh

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Yashen Raveesha
Watching these made me feel grateful that I made it home safe in my car

I know by experience that he bled a loooot after that @10:25 !

Killface T.Baggins
The firework store one wasn’t long enough

Travel in Thai
That poor E30!!

Shannon Alcorn
How in the world can there be so many dumbass people lol. But definitely entertaining and shameful to see these idiots.

Danny Dolan
14:53 What a beautiful place

Nigel 900
👉🏻World Class Dumb Ass👈🏻

12:26 Why bother bluring it… the logo is so big its clearly a Ryder Rental truck lol

Mathis Tube Channel
0:46 Ricarda Lang

Megan Mose
Cant fit a fridge a car duh!

I think Amanda needs to go to the hospital