IDIOTS Outside! Fails Of The Week"

IDIOTS Outside! Fails Of The Week"

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Erick Mercenary
Sh*t as always! People gets harmed… Chicken sh*ts mans head… is it all you can do?

5:24 I was wondering if it was South African till I heard fokof😂😂 ah never mind

I’m not smart, but I’m not dumb like these some of these guys. Wow

Avalanche Cannon
If you say “Bro” and “Like” numerous times in a sentence I can honestly say I am glad I do not personally know you or ever have to listen to you.

Fritz PlaysHard
7:45 wtf, just pull one site idiot

4:57 “We bring you this breaking news of an unidentified flying object seen in the neighborhoods of Las Angeles.”

Ram TigerJaguar
Again, this kind of comment needs to be made: natural disasters – and people having a difficult time with them – is not `failing` in any way. How is somebody being swept along in a flood and then getting helped by someone with a pole a `failure` or mistake in any way? Save these for other kinds of video compilations. Or lightning hitting something…Putting those things here is just stupid and misleading…like neither the submitters or even channel owners literally don`t even understand their own channel. DUHmerit point earned.

CFC thegreatesttherecanbe
Why on earth do people keep trying the back flip when they’re clearly not trained to do it.

7:01 What a damn idiot on earth .!!!!!!Folding ladder !!!!!!

Jan Vanhout
That girl with the birthdaycake fail shat her pants

recsund I Clifford Sage I
3:24 never show hostility to your child, they’ll mimic it.