IDIOTS Outside! Fails Of The Week"

IDIOTS Outside! Fails Of The Week"

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David Natalie
So the cake one…not outside…and already in like 6 of your videos…

Mike S
That’s why we have hospitals

Mark Davis
Some one in serious risk of drowning is not funny. @FailArmy you fail. Whos idea was it to put that clip in……idiot.

that woman split her own lip with a firextinguisher… makes you wonder: what is the probability of accomplishing that?

Phil Official
2:14 magic trick

Funny videos
you gave me inspiration
from today i’ll start making video like you. your videos are very funny
im huge fan of you

MarkDavidson – GB&NI
What happened to the dental floss girl?!

Hulcy Chesick
hay quá

Кто часто пользуется ниткой для зубов, то знает – если застряла нитка, то тянуть нужно за одни конец!

Noam Pitlik

I can only guess these are O’biden voter’s…