IDIOTS Outside! Fails Of The Week"

IDIOTS Outside! Fails Of The Week"

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Bryan Montepeque
That girl with the floss just trying to pull it out made so nervous 😖 I was just waiting for the tooth and the whole bunch of blood to come running down her arm 😖😖

Bobcat Young
Love the birthday cake diarrhea reveal

HiYa Pal
0:58 The fall off of the ladder was very rough.

Walter Kronkite’s left shoe
3:20 Spend less time at the tramp stamp shop and try some anger management classes. Lucky for the kiddy they were being filmed, otherwise he’d have got a slap to the face. Beats me why anyone would submit a video like that.
6:15 Do idiot Americans STILL crop dogs ears? Savages, why not cut off your OWN ears FFS?
7:20 Self love dumbfounded by lack of intelligence…. seperate the two strands of floss and gently pull one end ONLY !!!

Kenneth Albert
5:15 I bet that dude is wishing he had “do that” !!

Steven Yohanes
1:41 she’s scared to death after a turtle tryna bite her. Lmao

Ákos Tóth
5:06 …And now kids this is why you can’t let Michelangelo fix the toaster

The Inflaster
Sometimes i ask misef: Does some huamens even use their brain?

Damon Rapada
3:46 love jizz cake

Please credit @buddymoon for using their video😊

Buddy Kane
5:20 just wow. “Dont do that”