Instant REGRET | Fails Of The Week

Instant REGRET | Fails Of The Week

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Jim Hatch
@2:40 Lady slips and falls and two tables full of MEATHEADS sit and stare at her. One OLDER GENTLEMAN gets up and helps her to her feet. Thank you sir for helping the lady. Sad that are country is going down the tube with meatheads at the wheel…

I don’t know what’s funny about the incident at 3:32. That’s a picture perfect poisonrana. WWE is gonna be givin’ this lady a call any minute…

Any dude with his hair in a bun, needs hisan card revoked

César U
7:25 typical bunch of sticks kid

But unload a fridge by yourself?

Jon Doe
Don’t open a pressure cooker while it’s under pressure.

6:03 🇪🇸 Teníamos que ser 😅😂

NYC, what 3 brain cells get you.

Охота На Филина
Ни хе ра бульдог отдахнул дома, продать его на шашлык корейцам))

Albert Kacska
Make a fail copilation from Hungary!

Охота На Филина
Бедные американцы ну не дано им сделать лестницы что бы сотресение мозга не было или копчик не отбит 😃😃😃😃😃👍👍👍напепите резинки коврики или шершавой плиткой проложите