Keep on Trucking | Fails Of The Week

Keep on Trucking | Fails Of The Week

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Pay Way
Remember the class starts monday

MD. Abul Khayer Raihan
from where do you find these types of videos?

oh my god that last video. that absolutely made my day. i’m about to take my first out of 2 tests which will give me my driver’s license. and that clip made it just a bit better. thanks.

Михаил Елфимов
3:00 _I saw a porn movie that begins exactly like that!_

1:34 ouch

Are we just going pretend like there was no random pig in the last clip?

Moveto Rumble
this channel’s name should be changed from FailArmy to ShelteredPeople.

J Dubbs
Why do all black chicks wear a wig?

JayDee Mac
4:06 is just stupid…has no place in this compilation…oh and same with 7:17

Tina Lorenzo
2:05 😂😂😂😂 So stupid