Little Brother Down! Fails Of The Week

Little Brother Down! Fails Of The Week

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Guinea Pigs and Bunny Friends
There cannot be a fail video without a snow mobile. LOL.

Chill kid
Really loved that lollipop clip😊😍
Delishous agony

Contessa Gr
Thanks for uploading! Today is my birthday. It’s not a very happy day, but the video lifted my mood a bit. 🥰

Musaa Murit
4:10 the most calm person in the 🌎

Tony Freeman
@5:40 FHITP she’s hot

Jared S
How do you not see a massive bus 10 feet away and just drive in front of it, its scary knowing these ppl share the roads

Elisa A
3:15 This clip wasn’t funny at all. That accident looked serious, with probably serious injuries for the driver. Made me feel like an asshole for watching. Same goes for the snowmobile through the ice, dudes just laughed and did nothing to help when it was an extremely dangerous situation. I know there’s a risk in getting too close when someone goes through the ice, but there are things besides laughing and filming to do. A lot of fun in this video too, but that I save for another comment.

Sven Norén
4:10 Fucks given: 0
5:07 I just made a terrible mistake.
6:33 Mistake, take two.

Marshall McDaniel
😂😂😂 this was a good comp.

That mother sheep has ten times the common sense of mothers today, especially mothers of kids who don’t know what they are.

Remington Comp
The fact that the lady at 4:09 just kept casally walking after basically parting the Red Sea in that car crash is insane to me.