Major Messy Paint Spill! Fails Of The Week

Major Messy Paint Spill! Fails Of The Week

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Oh man. That first one is both of the funniest and saddest things I’ve ever seen.

I feel so bad for the poor woman, but the delayed scream combined with him fleeing the scene of the crime actually killed me almost as hard as she is gonna kill him.

Chris X
0:01….. gotta admit, that’s a new one!

Patrick Richards
” definitely staged paint spill” should be the title.

RedTwerp – Carrie Burns
The phone in the dog poop. Omg I laughed so hard at that. How do you even deal with that? Talk about your day taking a hairpin turn.

Michael Sullivan
Falsely advertised as paint failure’s, only saw one. And the first one was probably staged. Why wasn’t the couch covered with a drop cloth or moved out of the room to paint.

Zira Ira
Haha funny

Interferation An
why do almost all videos end with a stupid kid? Are the authors fans of dumb kids?

flowers for the dead
Being someone who is married into a family of klutzy guys who work construction. Nobody has ever fallen off of a ladder like that. That was faker than a Kardashian face.

Funny Fails – LVQ
*Thank you to the creators of this video, it really made me feel overjoyed and touched.!* DO YOU AGREE WITH ME?

Mark Mark MARK!
Now Marko … Polo 😂

One thing I learnt from this video: Women scream alot!!