Major Messy Paint Spill! Fails Of The Week

Major Messy Paint Spill! Fails Of The Week

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Oh man. That first one is both of the funniest and saddest things I’ve ever seen.

I feel so bad for the poor woman, but the delayed scream combined with him fleeing the scene of the crime actually killed me almost as hard as she is gonna kill him.

Rob H
There’s only one paint sale

ShadiN Ahmed • 10 years ago
First one is all time best 😂😂

Bryant Peoples
The acting on the first clip was so cringy

The first one is staged btw. They’ve done a few of these videos on TikTok, it’s likely something like yoghurt or cream pretending to be paint.
The camera positioning and sideways strokes of the brush also confirm this along with no paint actually being on the brush itself.. They got popular off the one video then tried to make more.

0:40 The lady asks what happened? Well, i’m gonna lean myself out of the window and guess that the hitch wasnt locked.

Dougal Douglas
An uncovered carpet?

funny vedio
it is crazy laughing

Is the guy on the third clip Mr beast?

That kid is on his way to the adoption center

Terri A
5th wheel dropping onto the bed of the truck. That’s why we said “nope” to one when looking for an RV. PITA to hook up. Plus, my idea of a “camping experience” definitely isn’t taking a your whole darned house with you