Mistakes Were Made | Fails Of The Week

Mistakes Were Made | Fails Of The Week

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Favorite clip?

Wow. Some people just aren’t very broght it appears.

A dog named Albert ❤
My Great Grand Grandfathers name was Albert 😊
Greetings from Germany Weimar

No one was hurt!! Yeah, right …the dude that used his car to ring the door bell at least got his face smashed by the air bag🤣

LOL @ 0.46 I was not prepared forhim to just DISAPPEAR

3:07 was actually sweet!

0:53 when you do everything right and still lose.

4:15 Slickback Tutorial

48 fails, and happy New year! 🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆

Why stripper poles aren’t bolted in is beyond me.