Mistakes Were Made | Fails Of The Week

Mistakes Were Made | Fails Of The Week

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Favorite clip?

That wasn’t a mistake. That was someone who did something dumb.

Video suggestion!
New year new fails?

Merry Christmas ❤🎉

2:07 It wasn’t the guy being chased by dogs that made me laugh, but the dog that slipped but kept on barking.


#3 [0:11]
“Someone’s knocking on the door,
Somebody’s ringing the bell 🔔.
Do me a favor, open the door and let ‘em in!”
“Let ‘Em In” by Paul McCartney

1:45 that guy definitely blew out his left knee

@ 2:26 FFS! just pour some beer on it NOOBS.

Did the kid swear 3:09

Fail Army use to be a class act… They are now practically foreign videos and very low quality…