Mistakes Were Made | Fails Of The Week

Mistakes Were Made | Fails Of The Week

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Favorite clip?

7:23- can anyone translate it into English?
What is going on?
Hail, vandalism? Why is there card board and blankets on some of the windshields?

2:47 Ladies and Gentlemen, the second most consistent failure tool in the world (after Wheelbarrows) is the *Trampoline!*

0:15 yall sure bout it?

6:03-just open the door.
The bat is screaming, I’m in a house! screaming humans! Dogs!

How do so many trip entering/exiting houses?

1:04 Shame the brakes and steering don’t work as well as the horn does.

4:07- call it a flambé and serve it

The Italian bit at 7:10 roughly translates to something like: “Here’s a Tesla, there’s not only one, all of the cars are destroyed, there is not a single one that’s saved, unbelievable, unbelievable” (I don’t know Italian but I am a native Spanish speaker and Italian, Portuguese and Spanish are very similar so I can kind of make it out 🙂 )

That girl at 5:59 “It’s a birdie!” no ma’am, I am afraid there are no birds at night, at least, not the nice ones 🧐

3:50- Democrat peacful protest? Steal as much as you can?

3:42- what am I missing? A dog runs by and the guy in the costume starts running around and crashing into people like rats are climbing up his leg