Most Expensive Fails of 2022 | FailArmy

Most Expensive Fails of 2022 | FailArmy

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expensive? wtf, lots of crap and cheap crap

The Fog
5:32 – I like the way the kid stands and stares then runs away like “I ain’t getting the blame for this” ?

1:45 a compressor (I think) in the engine stalled which caused this. It’s happened before and nothing bad has happened

Deosie Wilson
Nothing looks particularly expensive..

The Fog
1:11 – When you play GTA a little too often

Whats with all the annoying beeping ? Showing the scariest Stuff on Earth…But afraid of a lil swearing ? Thats so wierd.

Landon Grove
“omg omg omg omg i just got that on camera” i hate people like that. stfu and just watch what is happening

Nils Nyman
People….say this name out loud…NOAH. Now say this out loud…. WOAH. Do you get it yet??? WHOA*

Virginia Fry
What happened @1:00?

Robert Callan
6:20 The guy sounds like a demon