Most Expensive Fails of 2022 | FailArmy

Most Expensive Fails of 2022 | FailArmy

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@YouTube: stop these tedious expurgation bleeps!

Rob B
at 13:13 that kid’s reaction 😄

7:00…truck driving 101. NEVER shift gears going over train tracks. Stay in whatever gear is working until you are across. Oooops… Could be a lowboy on a hump too. Either way, blowing the horn does not move vehicles apparently. LOL

Riley Howard
Thought this was 2022, why are we still seeing videos from 2015?

How is a truck tire blowing up suddenly, a fail?

Jesus Christ, crashing a Spitfire and a CORSAIR makes me cringe so hard. Poor planes, you served well.

Michal Opluštil
That Avenger emergency sea landing 👍

Tina Lorenzo
8:19 And what was this?

Nick Blyth
Most of the drone fails were cheap fails since those drones are under $100 each. The phantom crashing into the tall building was a lot more expensive.

Aj Spidel
Does anyone know why the plane did that in the first video? Tail Wind?