Most RIDICULOUS Fails Of The Week! FailArmy

Most RIDICULOUS Fails Of The Week! FailArmy

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“omg that guy fell” x3 Shit lady, he just slipped and slid, he didn’t fucking fall overboard or anything.

Thank you sincerely für this video! It shows me again why I don’t have kids!!!

Resident Evil 8
0:55 emak2

Khairul Khaiza

Alain Delon
0:35 it’s called zoophilia you sick pervert 🤮

TOP4M Funny Moments
*witnessing the most RIDICULOUS fails of the week, I’m starting to believe that some people have a hidden talent for turning even the simplest tasks into a hilarious disaster 😅🤣😂🥰😍🤩*

That guy saving the guitar had the reflexes of a green beret

70% natural phenomena
20% people slipping down stairs
10% “fails”

what got flushed at 5:30?

3:53 Would love to see how this all transpired n what happened afterward😄

Ruben T
1:34 What is the MATTER with people who do shit like this? What’s WRONG with them? It’s *stupid* enough to open your goddamn car windows when there are wild animals, that are curious, outside your car, it’s even stupider to feed them, but doing BOTH those things with a BABY in your lap? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?