Most RIDICULOUS Fails Of The Week! FailArmy

Most RIDICULOUS Fails Of The Week! FailArmy

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Олег Дегтярь
В конце конченная мамаша…

0:38 WTF

Thanos Rings#%
Omg that guy fell 😂

American troll HD
It was funny😂😂😂

Chad E
why does this channel feel the need to caption people laughing with “HAHAHA” ever single time. And also 60% of their captions are not even accurate. Please just stop hard coding the captions into the video and upload them so people can turn them on or off with the CC feature on youtube.

If FailArmy has taught me anything, it’s that the best response a person can have to a fail is to laugh at yourself. No matter how stupid you look, laughing at your own fail makes it all good.

AGuy Bored
“Oh my god, he fell” yep, he did 👍🏻

nathan madden
the bear dumping the trash is something you gotta see to believe

Ummm fail army May I ask did beck bro jack get you to tell him that he can use your video?

TK Englander
7:03 “Hope that didn’t wake the neighbors!”