Most Ridiculous Wipeouts Of The Week!

Most Ridiculous Wipeouts Of The Week!

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Carletta Sommerville
❤❤❤💖💖💖💖amazing 😛💣💚

Chip Fow
why is other people’s pain so funny

Jon Lundy
Start with the funeral arrangements if a raccoon ever pops out of my garbage can

Catfish Hunter
I can’t watch these. My balls ache everytime someone bites it.

Cas Scatterplot
2:52 stop him man that’s an expensive piece my boy!!!

Myles Away
WTF RLY? You have to censor a pitcher of beer?

R. F.
Wondering who did the lady at 2:15 dirty by releasing that video…

2:03 , Never understand,no matter how many times I see it, why anyone would let someone with zero experience… attempt to operate an ATV, or motorcycle… I never found this funny or amusing AT All… but… I suppose it does cut down the moron population a bit sooo…win – win ?!?!

Bro the girl who pranked her parents with the iPad had me dying😂😂

Al G
It took so long for the mom at 6:08 to get the jeep off the kid. 🤦‍♂️🤣

your local boogeyman
2:40 is not a joke