Most Ridiculous Wipeouts Of The Week!

Most Ridiculous Wipeouts Of The Week!

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Michelle Erickson
There are some quality dads on here, playing with their kids, saving the kid before the gold carts 🥰🥰

Definitely Not a Ferret
I wonder how many people in these videos watch channels like these and are like “that will never happen to me”

Billy Lohmann
2:49 i know whats wrong with it it aint got no gas in it

Dave Swinfield
At 5:48…

Mama Of Two
4:01 I’m dead. That drone! 😂😂😂😂 6:10 I can’t anymore! The smile on that baby’s face ☠️☠️

Aztec art
Who would think putting a flimsy swing on a hill would create a problem?

“Why would you give the child this” that’s a huge red flag for an abusive relationship

Story Vlog Unlimited
Hello,Nice video,from Indonesia

Larry West
0:37 who puts a raised lip on the floor right where staff has to walk every two minutes?

People with their stupid questions “are you ok?”