Most Ridiculous Wipeouts Of The Week!

Most Ridiculous Wipeouts Of The Week!

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Sir Gilbert
@0:31 promise that was a laugh 🤣

Aaahhh spinal issues of the future.

Donald Myers
I guess I’m not the only mammal that hates beer

Bryan Olivas
The duck laughing at the golfer falling is pure gold 🤣

the last one is so good xD

6:07 I’m dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

6:19 mother lift Pontiac to save child. Amazing.

Brain Happy
they are so funny I couldn’t help but laugh for many minutes

Fails Compilation
1:58 I can’t help but think that someone will drink that glass of wine

Ive said it before and ill keep saying it. Clups like the one at 2:18 where its a person who isnt drunk or being stupid falling and possibly injuring themselves (especially when they are older) should not be included in these.

C Snide
anyone who carries their clubs around the Golf course deserves what happened at 25 sec mark.