Most Ridiculous Wipeouts Of The Week!

Most Ridiculous Wipeouts Of The Week!

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4:30 the dad just sprayed it into her face accedently lol.

Julian Großhans
5:18 Smart girl… Parents näh

the running man .. hahaha

Carlos 73
0:43 The girl who floated on the table watched the movie Titanic, the others apparently didn’t

1:30 I never understand why people put helmets on but are too lazy/stupid to take the extra 5 seconds to secure them.

pu chen-ពូ ចិន Official
Hello bro i like your video ❤😂

respect for the dad at 5.50……well done and superb reaction……those damn kids…..😅

Topaz knight
if anyone ever even attempts to smash my face into a cake they are informally uninvited from all future birthdays, and formally uninvited from ever feeling safe around food again

tokki [might quit]
I’m watching this at almost 12 PM, someone help me.

Renato Gasperin
Che schifo

Doctor Roboto
2:33 – Ghost Rider, age 89