Most Ridiculous Wipeouts Of The Week!

Most Ridiculous Wipeouts Of The Week!

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Love the floating picnic table! Great idea actually

Jordan Cambridge
6:08 Tell me your daughter is a serial killer without telling me your daughter is a serial killer.

6:37 i’m sure the dog is very appreciative of the simultaneous strangling and drowning that’s happening,

no code
The fox is a good judge of a piss poor lager 😂😂

Emmanuel Prieto
hacer most ridiculous wipeout of the week!

Emmanuel Prieto
los quiero muchísimo mucho 😍 love failarmy

Most people wouldn’t even bat an eye if you told them that a roving band of wizards carrying pumpkins and machetes was actively engaged in a firefight with the reanimated corpses of Gettysburg soldiers, and that the ensuing destruction would spread from the North Pole to Mars, but only if the wizards don’t call on Zuckerberg and Musk to join their rings together and form a bucket of water and a second bucket of water, if not to hydrate then perhaps also to congo-line, slip-and-slide, lemmings-style, with the top down and every zombie on a one-way rollercoaster hellride to somewhere better than here probably but also with equal tolerance for undead rebellion and bonekind all throughout the solar system, the skeletal system, and the Dewey decimal system welfare program and maybe a PlayStation 2, but never a green grease granny goblin’s garbage goulash, because that would be most unradical… Bodacious. Stew stringer of next week’s sewer song, do the unusual math, and count the suspects. One. Zero. Seven hundred and fifty-five million, four hundred and seventy-seven. Numbers. Equal blame to go around. Try looking somewhere where you haven’t before, but be sure not to get your head stuck this time. They’re always looking for a way to kick you in the head. Every day is like a bad day at a monopoly board. Pewter gives way to rust and an unsettling aroma of familiarity that encompasses what it means to truly feel impertinent. I’m certain that nobody knows if I will be, or if I am, or what I am to be if I am to be what I am. PM, AM, BC, LMNOP. Witness the speed of every domino hurled into the sun at the same time. Ahoy check-matey. It’s time to go down with your ship. It’s time to go down. Everybody watches while I drown or flop around long enough to make a statement that nobody’s trying hard enough to understand. You wish yourself away, or maybe, sometimes, you can wish yourself wherever you will. Will you? I wish that you will. I will what you wish. I push the piss and it drops slowly off the slippery sloped side of the shingled roof, into the gutter, like a liquid smoke cloud of bronze wonder. The grass is always greener at the greengrocer on grove st. Hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your husband, because they giving out free HBO to everybody out here. Just not yet. Not until you deserve it. Premium quality picture and programming for the price of a large movie theater bucket of popcorn, and maybe a drink, but maybe not depending on the theater. Clap if you want. But don’t ever encourage this kind of thing if you can help it. It’s not working… Why not? … Good question… Good idea… Bad idea… Bad man… Good man… Butter it up. It’s gonna be a clunky ass conquest and somebody’s better than nobody at all again. Nobody is what you expect. You should always expect, what no one was expecting. Somebody knew, and I wish they told me earlier, but I’m glad I know now. … You know?

Emmanuel Prieto
miércoles 19 de julio del 2023

Emmanuel Prieto
te bendiga siempre 🙏😇 Jesús Cristo muy pronto

Emmanuel Prieto
para emmanuel prieto martel