No Luck! Fails of the Week | FailArmy

No Luck! Fails of the Week | FailArmy

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IStoodOnLego AndILikedIt
2:57 I thought it was a decent heal clip

Trumpet-01 Rocket
1) The ball in the gym showed her a thing or two. You slam me into the floor and show on social media, I’ll knock you in your nose
2) I’m missing something he dude in the back ground, “Are you okay”? Really? She lost a fight between the butt end of two vehicles, did you not see that?
3) That trampoline was minding its own business and this dude disturbed it. See what you get

Espo I Know It Hurts
Nah that medicine ball one gotta be the most painful shit. I feel so bad for her

F B (T V) all clips
That lady slip on the steps is my sister

The Matrix
6:13 can’t stand people who treat their dog like a human child. Sad af

Just Breath
I’m so glad she had knee pads on. Her knees hit right at the corner of that horribly placed danger cube.

Pandu Miharja
5:42 what did you expect? the baby was holding in but the dad kept doing that

Dan Mart
Narrow screen sucks

Rock Inkin
Cool video

Justin Gary
Awesome 😎

Joshua Christiansen
Anyone wanna explain on 3:23 why the chick was smashing her car that her boyfriend for her? I’m assuming the boyfriend cheated on her and to make it up he bought a car for her to not think about him cheating 🤔.